Seafood with a story

sustainable, traceable, delicious!

At Sea Tales we love seafood so much that we want everyone to enjoy it now and in the future! Unfortunately, this is not a given. That’s why we make sure that we only work with fishing communities around the world who fish with respect for the ocean. This way we support the unique and traditional fisheries, so they can take good care of the oceans. And you can enjoy our delicious seafood!

Delicious seafood recipes

Grill it, cook it, fry it; cooking with seafood is versatile nutritious and delicious! It’s a lot easier than you might think and so much fun! Enjoy!

Our products

All our seafood is caught with respect for nature – and we can tell you exactly who caught your fish and in which ocean. All our products are sustainable, traceable and 100% delicious!

Our Sea Tales Family

What journey has your meal made? Click on the fisheries on the map and discover the background story of our fish.

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catch of the day

Learn all about our trips, sustainable fishing methods, book launches and collaborations – and every now and then we treat you to a sneak peek of upcoming projects.