Pacific jack mackerel from Coronel (Chile)

Facts & Figures

Jack mackerel
Coronel, Chile

“It’s all about the adrenaline!”

Meet Elvis Daniel Macaya Mendez, a Chilean jack mackerel fisher following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather. It’s a dangerous profession, but Elvis’s love of the sea and the outdoors left him in no doubt that this was the job for him. “As the captain, I’m responsible for my boat and crew, so my motto will always be: safety first! Especially when there’s a chance of bad weather. Being at the helm always gives me an adrenaline rush, but as soon as we’ve hauled in our sustainable catch, there’s only one thing left to do: make sure everybody gets home safely, back to their families!”

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Great catch

The fishers from Coronel set off in their purse seine boats in search of big schools of jack mackerel. As soon as they locate one, they’ll circle it with a net, which is then tightened at the bottom to create a kind of purse. Mackerel swim in tightly packed schools, by using this method the fishermen avoid any unintended bycatch. That’s what we call sustainable!

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Elvis uses sonar equipment on his boat to find the school of Chilean jack mackerel. As soon as a big red dot pops up on his sonar, he will check the size of the fish in the school. When they are big enough to catch, he will set his nets! If not, Elvis continues on his search for the best Jack mackerel to catch!

Puerto de Coronel

On the west coast of Chile, surrounded by white sandy beaches, lies the beautiful fishing town of Coronel. Pacific jack mackerel is the big star in this small port. Once Elvis Daniel’s trawler and the other boats have returned to the harbor, the fish is processed nearby. It’s a super-short supply chain that not only guarantees quality, but also ensures that much of the revenue remains within the local community.

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In this way, we support MSC, and you get to enjoy that delicious jack mackerel with a clear conscience!

Sustainable jack mackerel from Coronel

Elvis Daniel and his crew fish for jack mackerel, which is also known as “horse mackerel”. If you’re not familiar with this predator from the Southern Pacific, it’s high time to change that. Pacific jack mackerel is one of the few species of mackerel to have been granted MSC certification. When the Atlantic mackerel lost its MSC certificate in 2019, Sea Tales immediately switched to this smaller, but equally tasty and sustainable mackerel!

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Pacific jack mackerel

Pacific jack mackerel is delicious and oily, and of all the mackerel species it’s the one with the highest percentage of omega-3 fatty acids. It’s packed with flavor and healthy nutrients! The fish is steamed whole, fileted, and canned in organic sunflower oil. With its extraordinary flavor and structure, it tastes great straight out of the can, on toast for example or as an appetizer with drinks.