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Many of the world’s fish populations are in crisis and we’re at a tipping point. Destructive fishing practices have damaged marine ecosystems, exhausted many of our oceans’ fish stocks to the point of near extinction and put at risk the livelihoods of small fishing communities all over the world. This is no small thing. As much as 85% of the world’s fish stocks are either fully exploited or severely depleted; and 800 million people worldwide – 12% of the world’s population – depend on fishing for their livelihoods.

By choosing responsibly sourced fish, such as Sea Tales, you can turn help the tide to save the oceans and the millions of people around the world who make their living in the fishing industry.

Our Vision:

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Healthy oceans

Sea Tales

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… Protects the oceans

We source our fish from well-managed fisheries. These fishermen and women catch their fish from healthy stocks with minimal impact on ecosystems. All of our products are certified by third parties – MSC & ASC.

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Sustainable Certifications

Sea Tales exclusively collaborates with marine-caught fisheries and aquaculture farms that are certified by the external organizations MSC or ASC respectively.

MSC uses the latest available scientific information to assess whether a fish population can remain healthy in the present and years to come while considering the productivity of the fish and the exploitation rate. Each certified fishery is independently audited annually to ensure it still complies to the MSC standards. A fishery will consequently lose its MSC certification when this is not the case.

ASC sets standards for fish farms regarding the environment within the farm and the impact of the farm on the surrounding marine environment. Minimizing the impact is especially relevant in this sector as aquaculture farms can have negative impacts on the surrounding water and coastal areas when the farms are not operated sustainably. Each farm is audited independently to ensure it continues to meet the certification standards.


Well-managed fish stocks 

Besides sourcing from healthy fish stocks, it’s equally important to source from well-managed fish stocks. When a fish stock is not managed effectively, it can be overfished. The MSC fisheries standards reflect the latest up-to-date understanding of internationally accepted fisheries management. Fisheries regulations may include fishing seasons, fishing quotas and allowed fishing gear.

Limiting impact on the marine ecosystem

Each fish species behaves differently. Some swim in big groups near the sea surface whereas others swim close to the ocean floor. Different fishing techniques are therefore designed to target specific species. Yet, multiple techniques can be used for the same species. Some techniques are more specialized than others and we always choose the species specific fishing method that is least damaging to the marine environment.

Fully traceable

Supply chains of processed fish products are long and complicated, which makes it difficult for consumers to trace their products to their origin. Traceability of fish products includes the species of origin, the geographical origin and methods used for production. This is of great importance in the fishing industry as it ensures food safety, avoids mislabelling and helps to eliminate illegal, unregulated and unreported fish practices.

Traceability and processing

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… Partners with our fishers

Sea Tales puts responsible fishing communities up-front. We guarantee them a market, a fair price and a long-term cooperation. By doing so, we can continue to enjoy all the beautiful and delicious seafood that the ocean offers.

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If we take good care of the fishermen, the fishermen will take care of the oceans

The small scale fisheries have the most to fear from the developments in the water. If there are no more fish to catch, they lose their income and their food. Competition from large industrial fleets (often owned by multinational corporations) makes it especially difficult for small-scale fisheries to keep their heads above water. By contributing to the livelihood of small-scale fisheries and ensuring that the fishermen have a repeatable and viable income, we provide them stability. This way they can take good care of themselves, their families and they can continue to deal responsibly with the sea and their catch. 

Long-term collaborations 

Collaborations with our fisheries are set up for the long term so fishermen get certainty about their work and sales and then can invest in their future and a healthy ocean making authentic, environmentally -friendly fishing methods sustainable too.

Fair price + long term cooperation

Traceable to the source

Sea Tales knows which fishery each product comes from. Our founder Bart van Olphen has visited all the fisheries we work with. This is not only an important part of our transparent production chain, but also ensures that we know that all our fishing communities fit into our mission and vision. We even introduce you to the fishermen and women from the sustainable fishing communities we work with: each product contains a QR code so you can easily find information about the origin and catching method of the fish. 


The Fish Tales Foundation was founded to support the Sea Tales-mission with projects on sustainable fisheries and consumer awareness. Together we expand the offering of fair seafood and step by step create a better world with healthier oceans.


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… Offers the best-quality seafood

We love to share our passion for seafood and inspire people to cook amazing dishes. We select the best quality seafood that is produced to the highest standards, 100% natural, and delicious.

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Cooperation with only the best fisheries

We work directly with independent fisheries all over the globe run by people who truly care about their catch and the oceans.

High quality production

Wild fish must be thoroughly checked at every stage of processing. At Sea Tales, we employ a very rigorous process, with an intensive inspection to guarantee the high quality of our entire range. 

100% natural

Our products are processed as close to the source as possible. For us, natural goodness simply means freshly caught fish combined with the purest water, salt, oil or smoke. 

100% natural

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… Celebrates deliciousness

The world of seafood is endlessly fascinating. Sharing stories and helping to make the oceans healthy again while contributing to a better world gives us great joy. Cooking and sharing delicious seafood meals is pretty awesome too.

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Cooperating with fisheries is fascinating

Not only the experience of fishing is amazing but also cooperating with all these fisheries around the world is fascinating. Our co-founder, Bart van Olphen, has travelled the globe in search of the most sustainable fishing communities. He lived, fished and cooked together with dozens of these lovely fisheries to learn and understand how we should consume seafood for the future. 

Cooking & eating seafood is great

At Sea Tales we believe that cooking with seafood is awesome! By sharing mouthwatering recipes and practical tips, we want to inspire everyone how easy and enjoyable it is to cook healthy fish dishes that make both yourself and the planet smile.

Click here to find out how you can make some of our favorite seafood recipes!

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It’s up to us that sustainability and transparency become the new norm for fishing. Together we can make this happen. Will you join us? Come aboard and get hooked!