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At Sea Tales we work on maintaining our oceans every day – but only when working together we can make sure that we can all still enjoy seafood in the near future. So join us and share your story with everyone you know. Making fair seafood the norm in no-time.


To catch a big fish, you only need a little bit of bait. Same goes with conscious decisions: they start with small steps. Every time you choose a Sea Tales-product, our Findex rises and you contribute to change. Are you in? Let’s make the number grow!

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Through our social media we keep you up to date of the latest news every day and share the most delicious recipes. You’ll never have a bad catch again!

The Fish Tales Foundation

The Fish Tales Foundation was founded to support the Sea Tales-mission with projects on sustainable fisheries and consumer awareness. Together we expand the offering of fair seafood and step by step create a better world with healthier oceans.

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Cook with us

Cooking with fish is more fun and easier than you might think. But be warned: once you get a taste for it, odds are you don’t want anything else.