Albacore tuna in water with a touch of seasalt

This is albacore- or white tuna in its purest form. Not only because we caught it traditionally, with a fishing rod, but also because we only added a bit of water and salt. This way you can taste the pure, soft taste of the fish with every single bite. Add the high count of omega 3 fatty acids and its carefree enjoyment all the way.
  • Certificates
    • Guaranteed sustainable caught, 3rd party certified by the MSC
    • Tuna caught one by one, 100% pole & line
    • Non-GMO certified
  • Product facts

    Weight: 5.0 OZ, 142 gr (Drained weight 4.0 OZ, 113 gr)

    Ingredients: Albacore tuna (FISH), water, salt.

    Contains: Tuna (FISH)

    Packaging: BPA free (non intended)

    Nutrition facts:

    Amount per serving, 113 gr %daily value
    (1 serving per container)
    Calories 130 kcal
    Total fat 1 g 1%
    Saturated fat 0,5 g 3%
    Trans fat 0 g
    Cholesterol 40 mg 13%
    Sodium 350 mg 15%
    Total carb 0 g 0%
    Fiber 0 g 0%
    Total sugar 0 g 0%
    incl. 0g added sugar 0 g
    Protein 29 g 58%

    vit. D 3.3mcg (16% DV), Calcium 3.8mg (0% DV), Iron 0.6mg (4% DV), Potassium 260mg (6% DV)

5 OZ, 142 gr (drained weight: 4.0 OZ, 113 gr)


Welcome to Okinawa! Hidden in the East China Sea the island is known for its delicious albacore tuna. Fumio and his crew catch the fish in the most sustainable way, with a pole and line.

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Fish with a story

Fumio Tomorio comes from a true fishermen family. At the age of four he caught his first fish with his dad. "My dad has always been my great inspiration. He was a fisherman, so I wanted to become a fisherman as well. Traditions are being passed on from generation to generation." When Fumio watches the sunrise or sunset from his boat he feels very lucky and grateful. "We have to take care of our oceans and earth. Only that way we can enjoy the nature and the fish. Now and in the future!"

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Fishing method

Fumio and his crew fish with pole & line. Before they get started, they tie a rope around their waist and attach it to the boat, so they won’t go overboard when the fish pull too hard.

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When the fishermen spot a school of tuna, they throw live little fish overboard. This helps to draw the tuna’s attention - and eventually draws in the tuna. The great way about this traditional method is that the fishermen only catch tuna fish. So there’s no bycatch nor damage to nature.

Straight from the ocean

At Sea Tales we want you to know what the origin is of your fish and what has happened between the catch and your frying pan. We believe that a fully transparent chain makes it easier to choose for fair products - and to enjoy your fish totally guilt-free.

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