Sockeye smoked salmon Cook Inlet

The sockeye salmon is an anadromous fish, this means that in summertime, it swims from the sea up the stream in the river to lay its eggs. That’s hard work, so before the trip, the fish fills its belly with plankton and little shrimps, that’s where it gets its gorgeous deep red color from. And because the fish is caught at its fattiest - and packed with flavor!

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This sockeye salmon is from Kasilof, a village in the American state of Alaska on the coast of the Cook Inlet. Not many people live here, the population of the village is about 500-600 people, the rough and rich nature is breathtaking.

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Fish with a story

Our smoked sockeye salmon is caught by the Chase Family, along with other local families. Salmon fisherman Brian is far from tired by the product: he loves grilling the salmon outdoors on an open flame. ‘Pure enjoyment’ he calls it.

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Fishing Method

The Chase Family fishes with floating gillnets that they layout in the morning with open fishing boats and they use the floaters to create a wall. When the salmon swims against those little walls, they retract the nets.

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Between the end of June to mid-August, the salmon swim by the coast of the peninsula Kenai on their way to the Kasilof-river. The state of Alaska meticulously notes how many fish swim up the river to lay their eggs, and only if enough fish have passed, fishing is allowed. This way the catch remains in healthy balance with the fish data.

Straight from the ocean

At Sea Tales we want you to know what the origin is of your fish and what has happened between the catch and your frying pan. We believe that a fully transparent chain makes it easier to choose for fair products - and to enjoy your fish totally guilt-free.

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