Smoked Atlantic Salmon

Our smoked Atlantic salmon is the ultimate proof that farmed fish can blow your taste buds away. Because of the very different living conditions the structure of farmed fish meat is very different than that of wild fish, but the taste is not lacking at all: this salmon consists of just as many omega 3 fatty acids as its wild family and is packed with flavor. Great to add in a salad or on your sandwich.

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    Atlantic salmon

Fish with a story

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Farming method

On Edelfarm they farm Atlantic salmon in large copper free cages in sea. These cages are filled with water for 97% and just 3% with fish. Giving the salmon all the room to grow.

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The food given to the salmon is filled with natural vitamins. This gives the fish a strong immune system and makes additional medications unnecessary. A local doctor drops by every month to check the salmon. After the slaughter the cages remain empty for a while, giving nature a bit of rest. Just like organic agriculture really.

Straight from the ocean

At Sea Tales we want you to know what the origin is of your fish and what has happened between the catch and your frying pan. We believe that a fully transparent chain makes it easier to choose for fair products - and to enjoy your fish totally guilt-free.

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