The wild salmon is an anadromous fish, this means that it goes back to its own birthplace to lay its own eggs. The salmon has to swim from the ocean upstream in the river for which it needs quite some strength. Before he sets off to the mating grounds, the fish fills its belly to be able to make the trip. When caught at the start of its journey, the fish is caught at its fattiest. In total there are five kinds of wild salmon: chinook-, choho-, keta-, pink and sockeye salmon.

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Length: 8-78 inches
Weight: 10-75 pounds
Food: fish, crayfish and shrimp
Family of the trout
Nice on a sandwich or sliced

Our salmon products

Fresh, canned or smoked: when it comes to salmon, we have something for everyone. Tip: why not try a different type of salmon than usual and be surprised by the difference in taste.

Smoked wild sockeye salmon

Flame-roasted wild sockeye salmon

Smoked Atlantic salmon

Flame-roasted Atlantic salmon

Hot smoked Atlantic salmon

Our salmon fisheries

For wild salmon you have to go to Alaska: there, the water is the cleanest and the fish the fattiest. We work with four local fisheries. We get our farmed salmon from Norway who make farmed fish just as it should be.

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