Atlantic cod, hake, cliff fish, haddock, ling cod, nuggets, breaded fish - all names for one and the same multitasking fish: the cod. This sturdy swimmer can mainly be found around the northern hemisphere. You’ll recognize it by its olive green back with brown spots, its white belly and the long thread underneath its chin.

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Gadus morhua
Length: 31-59 inches
Weight: 1,4 - 1,7 ounces
Food: little lobsters, shrimp and fish
Family of the whiting
Great when battered and deep-fried

Our cod products

There are not many fish out there who are as versatile as the cod. Whether you go for the fresh fillets or a piece of canned cod-liver, you can always add more flavor to this fish.

Icelandic Cod liver

Our cod fishery

The Icelandic cod is known for being one of the best in the world. That’s why we at Sea Tales work with an Icelandic fishery. No worries about sustainability: Iceland is one of the most sustainable fishing countries in the world. Way back west of Iceland is the small village of Patreksfjörður, where nature is so overwhelming you don’t know where to look. The cliffs east of the village, Látrabjarg, is known for its colonies of puffins and a little further out is Bjargtangar, the most western point of Iceland and Europe. In the icy cold sea in this area you’ll find the region’s currency: the cod.

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    Patreksfjörõur, Iceland