Farmed fish like it’s meant to be

Facts & Figures

Atlantic salmon
5-6 fishers
Rognan, Norway

‘We are one big community’

Growing up Alice never wanted to work on her grandfathers’ salmon farm - but after helping out during a couple of summer breaks she got into the swing of it. Nowadays, you can’t imagine the company without her and she likes to involve everyone around her. ‘We find it important that the local community is aware of what we’re doing, because it’s their environment too. And this makes them very involved.’

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Farming method

On Edelfarm they farm Atlantic salmon in large copperfree cages in sea. These cages are filled with water for 97% and just 3% with fish. Giving the salmon all the room to grow.

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The food given to the salmon is filled with natural vitamins. This gives the fish a strong immune system and making medicine unnecessary. A local doctor drops by every month to check the salmon. After the slaughter the cages remain empty for a while, giving nature a bit of rest. Just like organic agriculture really.


In the Skjerstadfjord, high up north in Norway, strong streams create a unique supply of clean, ice-cold seawater. Subsequently making the ideal environment to grow salmon naturally: because parasites can’t live in the saltless seawater, pesticides are unnecessary. Welcome to salmon farm Edelfarm!

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Almost everything we eat in the Netherlands is farmed - from a grain of rice to beef and everything in between. Only when it comes to fish there is a wild alternative, which maybe explains why farmed fish has a bit of an image issue and is often compared to laying hens, beef cattle and horticultural greenhouses. Luckily there are companies like Edelfarm to improve that image. The Atlantic fish farm got ASC-certified in 2017 because of its biodiversity in the area, the high standard air-and water quality and the respect to nature with which the farmers work. This is farmed fish as its meant to be.

Above the Arctic circle

Tucked away in Skjerstadfjord, just above the Arctic Circle, you can find the little village of Rognan, a place where during winter it’s only light 4 hours a day. In summertime the sun doesn’t set at all, making this remote place extra special. About 2500 people live here.

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Atlantic salmon

The Atlantic salmon is a farmed version of the Atlantic or European salmon. You can recognise it by the small, x-shaped black spots on its side, and of course it’s beautiful red fish meat. Our Atlantic salmon is hormone- and preventive antibiotics free, so when you cook it, you’re only serving good nutritional value bursting with flavour.