This is how you prepare a salmon steak

Do you want to prepare a salmon steak? Easier and faster it can not be done. A salmon steak is solid and therefore ideal for baking. It can be baked on a barbecue, in a grill pan or a frying pan. Follow these steps to prepare a delicious meal.

Step 1:

Heat the pan on medium fire. Sprinkle both sides of the fish steak with oil and season with pepper and salt. - salmon steak

Step 2:

Put the fish steak in the pan and grill this side of the fish steak without moving 2-4 minutes, depending on the thickness. - salmon steak

Step 3:

Turn the fish steak and grill this side for 2-4 minutes. - salmon steak

Step 4:

Take the fish steak out of the pan and serve with the basil mayonnaise and a lemon, enjoy! - salmon steak