Sea Tales proudly presents its Mission Report 2023!

We love seafood! Our mission is to make sure that everyone can enjoy the most delicious and best quality seafood, now and in the future. Every day, our work revolves around this mission. With our annual Mission Report, we track the impact we have made and share with you how we achieve this.

With pride, we present to you our mission report of 2023! If you are looking for a quick read, see below for our year in a nutshell. Really want to understand what we do and what we have achieved? Click here for the full report!

2023 in a nutshell

2023 has been quite a year! We have made some unforgettable trips to our fisheries, resulting in amazing fisheries stories to share. We introduced new products in new markets and even achieved a brand new certification! Lastly we visited many events where we have shared our love for seafood. Below is just a snapshot of the many highlights of 2023!

  • We visited our fisheries in Alaska, catching the delicious wild sockeye salmon. We joined Elvis and his crew to fish for Jack Mackerel in Chili and travelled to Westport, USA to see Valerie and her crew and learn all about their Albacore tuna fishery.
  • 2023 was also the year that we – as first brand in the EU – got B Corp certified! And we did a company-wide carbon footprint measurement to assess our impact on the climate and identify opportunities to lower our footprint.
  • Also commercially, it has been a very successfull year. We went live at Walmart ánd Costco, have grown from 6 to 11 products on shelf at Whole Foods Market, and we did our very first introduction in Whole Foods Canada. In NYC area, we entered in over 150 independent stores.
  • With Fish Tales, we introduced the brand at Flink and DekaMarkt and launched the only MSC-certified smoked mackerel product in the dutch supermarket, from Chilean Jack mackerel caught by Elvis and his crew.

And, of course we have been spreading our love for seafood in many many ways. From the many seafood cooking and sea to plate video’s, to a press event to launch our newest salmon and our impact manager talking about fish welfare at the Catch Welfare Conference.

Get a full read

You can find the entire Mission Report for download by following this link. If you want to receive the report in paper, send Irene an email at [email protected].